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According to cardio clear 7 theannals of Internal Medicine, the average weight loss is one pound per week for adults. Weight loss for children occurs at a slightly higher rate, about one to two pounds per week. Weight loss has proven to be an effective preventative strategy for chronic ailments. Weight loss is necessary for both aesthetic and health reasons. Both must coexist in order to remain healthy.

Although weight loss is important for overall health, many people struggle with it even though they are following a sustainable weight loss program. Weight loss is achieved by lessening the total body mass, including fat mass.

In contrast to popular belief, diets cannot “make” a person lose weight; the individual must change his or her daily eating habits in order to lose excess body mass. Exercise by itself cannot effectively effect weight loss. An ideal exercise program must be alongside a reduced-calorie diet. Nutrition refers to the food and beverages consumed by an individual or group of individuals.

Weight loss programs should be sustainable. Weight loss should never be extreme or extreme. If an individual suffer extreme pain or excessive bleeding, then the program should be ended immediately. An extreme weight loss program can beicating the loss of healthy body mass in the form of lean muscle mass. One pound of fat results in the loss of many macro-nutrients such as triglycerides, cholesterol, and HDL.

For example, a severely overweight person must take in 500 calories fewer than what he or she expends each day. This creates a deficit of 3500 calories, which can be burnt off through the use of diet or physical exercise, or a combination of the two. Experts, however, recommend that weight loss should be based on the individual’s body mass index (BMI), and not some unrealistic number. A person with a BMI of between 20 and 25 should aim to lose about one to two pounds per week. Those with a BMI of between 15 and 20 should focus on losing only a pound per week, and those with a BMI of more than 30 should plan to lose about one to two pounds a week.

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In most cases, weight lost from diet alone tends to be acids modest, and people tend to gain the weight back. Appetite suppressants that are known to be effective are mainly consisting of diuretics. Water is a necessary component of the human body and not enough is consumed each day. By drinking diuretics, the body will tend to hold onto water. overtime, this is abused by the body, causing the person to experience frequent hunger pains which make dieting very difficult. For this reason, water should be drank in abundance to prevent water retention while on a weight-loss program.

Some medication used for treating depression e.g. Prozac may also cause weight gain. There are also some vitamins and minerals which tend to break down at certain rates. These minerals may tend to get stored in the body’s fat cells. Experts recommend that the body get its supply of these minerals, especially when losing weight, in adequate quantities from natural food sources.

There are some foods that have been suggested to cause weight gain. Fructose has been found to promote fat storage in the body and interfere with weight-loss. Processed food filled with bad carbs such as chips and fries should be avoided. Sweets, soda, unhealthy fats and refined carbohydrates are also bad for weight loss. Those who eat unhealthy fats and/ or carbs should do so in moderation.

Weight loss requires a lifelong commitment, sacrifice and discipline for it to be effective. Permanent weight loss is only achieved through a healthy lifestyle-a cardio clear 7 website balanced diet and regular exercise. A person has to examine the kind of lifestyle he or she leads to determine the kind of diet he/ she needs to change in order to achieve weight loss permanently.

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